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A Cultural Study of E-Commerce Trust:Hispanic Versus Anglo

Chuleeporn Changchit, Thomas Garofolo, Juan J. Gonzalez


In order to make a profit, online businesses need to attract customers to their websites and motivate them to make purchases. However, trust is always a major concern of Internet shoppers when making a decision to purchase.It is important for electronic businesses (E-businesses) to design their websites to gain trust from their target customers. Evidently, the market is comprised of many different people and cultures, which have diverse viewpoints concerning trust. For instance, Hispanic and Anglo cultures have different perceptions of trust, and as such, view different aspects of the Internet experience with varying degrees of importance. This study attempts to ascertain which factors influencing the perception of security are of importance to these two target groups. Data was collected to analyze their overall view of the Internet as a secure vehicle for purchasing goods and/or ordering services. The data was gathered through an Internet survey. The study results demonstrate that, on the average, Anglos rate their perceptions of Internet security 20% higher than Hispanics. The findings also identify other factors and their relative importance to the target groups.


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