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Advancing CRM Initiatives with:Knowledge Management

Harald Salomann, Malte Dous, Lutz Kolbe, Walter Brenner


In recent years, companies have integrated their customer relationship management (CRM) and knowledge management (KM) efforts because they realize that KM plays a key role in CRM success. In this article we analyze the performance outcomes of these efforts. For this purpose, we will present a cross-case analysis which is complemented by quantitative data derived from a survey among CRM executives in the German-speaking area.The case studies that we conducted can be considered “good practices” that enhance CRM initiatives by applying knowledge

for, from or about customers. From the case studies’ findings we identify key success factors for implementing knowledge-based CRM initiatives by means of an orchestrated approach that considers strategy, processes, systems and change management aspects. Apart from these practical recommendations, we also discuss further research issues in the domain of customer knowledge management.  

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