Keynote Speaker

Prof. Alfonso Sousa-Poza

Some notes on Prof. Alfonso Sousa-Poza CV (selected information)

At present, Chair of 'Household and Consumer Economics' and Executive Director of the Institute for Houshold and Consumer Economics at the Universität Hohenheim.

Other affiliations and memberships:

  • Guest Professor, Department of Economics, University of St. Gallen
  • Research Fellow, IZA
  • Independent Expert, Government Expert Group on Demographic Issues, European Commission
  • Secretary, WDA Forum Foundation
  • Member of the Steering Committee, National Research Programme 60 of the Swiss National Science Foundation
  • Member of the International Policy Advisory Board, Activating Senior Potential in Ageing Europe (ASPA)
  • Council of Scientists, FUTURAGE project

Fields of Research

  • Demographic change and the labour market (early retirement, effects of training on wages, employment of senior workers, health and employment)
  • Labour market segmentation and mobility (job stability, precarious employment, fluctuations)
  • Wage determinants and developments (estimation of forgone earnings in litigation testimony, item noneresponse problems)
  • Working time (working hours constraints)
  • Subjective well-being and health (job satisfaction, life satisfaction and democracy)
  • Migration (determinants, integration, incentives)
  • Gender issues (gender wage gap, time allocation, atypical employment, firm attachement, job satisfaction, overqualification)

Selected publications (last five years)

Journal Articles

  • Henneberger, F./Sousa-Poza, A./Ziegler, A. (2006), "Arbeit auf Abruf und Arbeitsmarktdynamik in der Schweiz: Evaluation eines (weitgehend) nicht regulierten Beschäftigungsverhältnisses", Swiss Journal of Economics and Statistics, 127(1):39-78.
  • Dorn, D./Fischer, J.A./Kirchgässner, G./Sousa-Poza, A. (2007), "Is It Culture or Democracy? The Impact of Democracy, Income, and Culture on Happiness", Social Indicators Research, 82(3): 505-526.
  • Liebig, T./Puhani, P./Sousa-Poza, A. (2007), "Taxation and Internal Migration - Evidence from the Swiss Census using Community-Level Variation in Income Tax Rates", Journal of Regional Science, 47(4):807-836.
  • Mojon-Azzi, S./Sousa-Poza, A. (2007), "The Effect of Retirement on Health: A Panel Analysis Using Data from the Swiss Household Survey", Swiss Medical Weekly, 2007(137):581–585.
  • Dorn, D./Fischer, J.A./Kirchgässner, G./Sousa-Poza, A. (2007), "Direct Democracy and Life Satisfaction Revisited", Journal of Happiness Studies, 3:23–36.
  • Sousa-Poza, A./Sousa-Poza, A.A. (2007), "The Effect of Job Satisfaction on Labor Turnover by Gender: An Analysis for Switzerland", Journal of Socio-Economics, 36(6): 895-913.
  • Becker, L./Liebig, T./Sousa-Poza, A. (2008), "Migration Policy and Industrial Structure: The Case of Switzerland", International Migration, 46(2):81-107.
  • Mojon-Azzi, S./Mojon, D./Sousa-Poza, A. (2008), "Impact of low vision on well-being in ten European countries", International Journal of Ophthalmology (Ophthalmologica), 222(3):205-12.
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  • Fischer, J.A./Sousa-Poza, A. (2009), "Job Satisfaction and Health: An Analysis using Panel Data and Objective Health Measures", Health Economics, 18:71-89.
  • Dorn, D./Sousa-Poza, A. (2010), "Early Retirement: Free Choice or Forced Decision?", Applied Economics, 42 (4):427 – 438.
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  • Otterbach, S./Sousa-Poza, A. (2010), "How acurate are German work time data? A comparison of time-diary with stylized estimates", Social Indicators Research , 97(3):325-339.
  • Gwozdz, W./Sousa-Poza, A. (2010), "Ageing, Health and Life Satisfaction of the Oldest Old: An Analysis for Germany", Social Indicators Research, 97(3):397-417.
  • Bloom, D.E./Sousa-Poza, A. (2010), "Economic Consequences of Low Fertility in Europe", European Journal of Population, 26:127–139.
  • Gwozdz, W./Sousa-Poza, A. (2010), "Explaining gender differences in housework time in Germany", Journal of Consumer Policy, 33(2):183-200.
  • Mojon-Azzi, S./Sousa-Poza, A. (2011), "Hypertension and Life Satisfaction: An Analysis using Data from the Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe (SHARE)", Applied Economics Letters (forthcoming).
  • Frei, C./Sousa-Poza, A. (2011), "Overqualification: Permanent or Transitory?", Applied Economics (forthcoming).

Discussion Papers

  • Henneberger, F./Sousa-Poza, A./Ziegler, A. (2007), "Performance Pay, Sorting, and Outsourcing", IZA discussion paper no. 2714.
  • Fischer, J.A./Sousa-Poza, A. (2009), "The Institutional Determinants of Early Retirement in Europe", University of St. Gallen Department of Economics Working Paper Series, No. 2006-08.
  • Fischer, J.A./Sousa-Poza, A. (2010), "The impact of institutions on firms’ rejuvenation policies: Early retirement with severance pay versus simple lay-off. A Cross-European Analysis ", Hamburg Contemporary Economic Discussions, No. 2010-34.
  • Gbakou, M.B.P./Sousa-Poza, A. (2011) "Engel Curves, Spatial Variation in Prices and Demand of Commodities in Côte d’Ivoire".
  • Bell, D./Otterbach, S./Sousa-Poza, A. (2011), "Working Hours Constraints and Health".

Detailed CV of Alfonso Sousa-Poza may be found here.

2nd International Workshop on the Socio-Economics of Ageing