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ISEG (School of Economics and Management) ISEG (School of Economics and Management)

About UECE

UECE - Research Unit on Complexity and Economics is a research centre of ISEG, School of Economics and Management of the Universidade de Lisboa. UECE produces research, both theoretical and applied, mainly in Economics, but also in the Sciences of Complexity and in inter-disciplinary areas.

The main UECE goals are:

  • Promoting research on dynamical systems and on complexity, with an emphasis on economic applications, and also on other economic fields, such as game theory and macroeconomics;
  • Developing new statistical methods applied to economics;
  • Studying the consequences of dynamic, non-linear and complex systems in what concerns economic analysis and forecasting;
  • Organising seminars, conferences and other events to disseminate scientific results;
  • Participating in international research networks and promoting participation of researchers in international congresses and conferences;
  • Promoting and publishing papers, working papers and other documents to stimulate research in these recent economic theory areas.

UECE, ISEG/ULisboa, Rua Miguel Lupi, 20 - 1249-078 Lisboa, Portugal
phone: (+351) 213 925 912    email: uece@iseg.ulisboa.pt events: ueceevents@iseg.ulisboa.pt
Opening hours: 09:00-13:00  14:00-17:00

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