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ISEG (School of Economics and Management)

ISEG (School of Economics and Management)

In the 2015 FCT call for individual projects, UECE researchers, with 3 funded projects that have UECE as the Principal Research Organization had a success rate of 43%, which compares with the national success rate of 13%. In addition, another successful project that has UECE as a Participating Organization, was also financed. Congratulations to the UECE researchers involved in the successful applications: António Afonso, João Ferreira do Amaral, Sofia Franco, Filomena Garcia, João Carlos Lopes, Luca Opromolla, Joana Pais, Ettore Panetti

Projects financed

  Afonso, A., Jalles, J. (2015). “How does fiscal policy affect investment? Evidence from a large panel”, International Journal of Finance and Economics, forthcoming;  

Mendicino, C., I. Christensen, P. Corrigan and S. Nishiyama (2015) Housing Collateral, Residential Investment and the Canadian Business Cycle. Canadian Journal of Economics. (forthcoming);


5th UECE Conference on Economic and Financial Adjustments ISEG-UL – School of Economics and Management/University of Lisbon, Lisbon, 24th of June 2016



Lopes, J.C., Graça, J. C., Correia, R. (2015) “Effects of economic education on social and political values, beliefs and attitudes: Results from a survey in Portugal”. Proceedia Economics and Finance Journal.(forthcoming);


International Conference on Economic Modeling (EcoMod2016)

Call For Papers

  Fontoura, M.P., Crespo, N. (2015). “Trade performance of the less developed African countries”, Journal of Developing Areas, 49 (1), 223-241




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