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ISEG (School of Economics and Management)

ISEG (School of Economics and Management)


UECE is part of AEGIS - Advancing knowledge-intensive entrepreneurship and innovation for growth and social well-being in Europe. This research project is funded by FP 7 and starts in January 2009. The project studies the interactions between knowledge, economic growth and social well-being in Europe. It focuses on knowledge-intensive entrepreneurship as a necessary mechanism and an agent of change mediating between the creation of knowledge and its transformation into economic activity.

National Networks

UECE is a founding member of the Institute for Complexity Sciences (ICC).

UECE has been a co-organizer of a set of monthly seminars on the Sciences of Complexity, together with LabMag (Laboratório de Modelação de Agentes) and ICC.

International Networks

ONCE-CS stands for Open Network of Centres of Excellence in Complex Systems. It is funded as part of the FET unit of the IST (Information Society Technology) programme of the European Commission under priority Framework 6, and continues the work of the Exystence network.
ONCE-CS also works closely with other European projects, including the GIACS coordination action funded under NEST.
The purpose of ONCE-CS is to strengthen European research in complex systems, and to assist people in business and public services to use the new science effectively. ONCE-CS is funded for thirty months, until 31st December 2007.
After this it will hand over to the European Complex System Society to continue the work of servicing the complex systems community.

EXYSTENCE was a project funded by the European Commission to develop collaboration among European researchers interested in Complex Systems, from fundamental concepts to applications, and involving academia, business, and industry. The Complex Systems Network of Excellence, "Exystence", has now being closed down. Many of its functions are being carried out by ONCE-CS.

In 2000 the unit integrated a one-year interdisciplinary research project in the Sciences of Complexity - From Mathematics to Technology to a Sustainable World - at the Zentrum fur interdisziplinare Forschung (ZiF) of the University of Bielefeld, Germany

Arrábida Meetings

UECE is the co-organizer of the Arrábida Meetings on the Roads of Complexity, an annual meeting of invited researchers from multidisciplinary research fields. The Arrábida Meetings are sponsored by Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian (FCG) and Fundação Oriente.

The Roads of Complexity topics and organizers:

  • Life Sciences (2007)Araújo, Tanya (UECE, ISEG/UTL and ICC)
    Martins da Silva, António (IBMC/UP, Sto. António Hospital).
  • Mathematics and Innovation (2006)Araújo, Tanya (UECE, ISEG/UTL and ICC)
    Caraça, João (FCG and ISEG/UTL)
    Vilela Mendes, Rui (CMAF, IST/UTL and ICC).
  • Sciences and Art (2005)Araújo, Tanya (UECE, ISEG/UTL, and ICC)
    Caraça, João (FCG and ISEG/UTL).
  • Computational Languages (2004)Costa, J. Félix (IST/UTL)
    Coelho, Helder (FC/UL, LabMag, and ICC).
  • Dynamics of Networks, from Biology to Social Sciences (2003)Araújo, Tanya (UECE, ISEG/UTL and ICC)
    Quintanilha, Alexandre (IBMC/UP).
  • Complexity in Economics and Social Sciences (2002)Araújo, Tanya (UECE, ISEG/UTL and ICC).
  • Innovation (2001)Coelho, Helder (FC/UL, LabMag, and ICC).

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