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ISEG (School of Economics and Management)

ISEG (School of Economics and Management)

Ph.D. Programme in Economics

UECE and CEMAPRE are jointly the two host research centres of the Ph.D. Programme in Economics at ISEG (School of Economics and Management)  part of ULisboa (Universidade de Lisboa).

The host institutions play a crucial role in the design of the Ph.D. programme, they supply the vast majority of the members of the academic staff and supervisors, and they create the reasearch framework necessary for the programme and its students.

The Programme Direction

The programme is lead by a scientific and studies board:

  • Miguel St. Aubyn, Director (UECE)
  • Manuel M. Godinho (UECE)
  • Joćo Nicolau (CEMAPRE)
  • Joana Pais (UECE)

The M.Sc. Courses Leading to the Ph.D. in Economics

There are two M.Sc. courses leading directly to the Ph.D. Programme in Economics at ISEG/TULisbon, both with close links to UECE:

  • The M.Sc. in Economics
  • The M.Sc. in Monetary and Financial Economics

UECE also organises courses for graduate students, like the Refreshment or Preliminary Courses for M.Sc. and Ph.D. students.

A group of graduate students is also integrated in research projects at UECE, as research assistants.


The supervision work of UECE members, both within ISEG/TULisbon and also in other institutions, is available in the section Research.

Other Ph.D. Programmes at ISEG/TULisbon

UECE is also a host institution to other PH.D. programmes at ISEG/TULisbon, namely the Ph.D. Programme in Management (jointly with Advance and CEMAPRE), the Ph.D. Programme in Mathematics Applied to Economics and Management (jointly with CEMAPRE), the Ph.D. Programme in Economic and Social History (jointly with GHES), and the the Ph.D. Programme in Development Studies (jointly with CEsA, GHES, and SOCIUS).

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